Future Teller Spiritual Medium

(Astrology Consulting available USA,UK,India,Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland and World Wide)

Indian Spiritual Teller communicates to Divine Energy to Predict your Answers to your Questions about future.

Details Required: Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Questions, Photograph.

Astrologer will answer all questions asked by inquirer.

Medium of communication : WhatsApp, Email, Phone Chat Viber & WeChat.

Consulting in English, Tamil & Hindi Language (1 question) US $ 100
Charges vary according to number of questions asked.
Consultation in any other Language(Translator Charge) US $ 50 (extra charge)
Consultation as Voice Clip in English Language US $ 50 (extra charge)
Consultation as Voice Clip in any other Language US $ 50 (extra charge)
Emergency Consultation within 24 hours at an (extra charge) of US $50

Consultation appointment available within 3 working days.