Today Moon is in Virgo Zodica Sign / Kanya or KanniRashi it is 75% positive day for Virgo persons. You can enjoy with family visiting many places. Those engaged in Business will receive good opportunities. Good day for career and finances.   

Today  Virgo Zodica Sign / Kanya or Kanni Rashi

Kanni Rashi  will be obstructed in all work. Tensions may increase. Business career and finances will decline. Avoid arguments and new projects. Today it is 30% positive day for Kanni Rashi persons.

Virgo Zodica Sign / Kanya or Kanni Rashi It is 30% positive day .You may undergo mental depression. Be cautious of health. Avoid arguments. Tension may rise. Moon in the 8th House causes Chandra Ashtamam position, which is not favorable to you. Avoid new projects and signing new agreements.

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