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  • Quartz Crystal

Zodiac sign: Suitable for All Zodiac Signs
Properties: Quartz is a pure and powerful energy source. It stimulates brain function, making you feel aware, active and alert. A type of crystal for transmitting, storing and amplifying positive energy.

  • Amethyst

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn Signs
Properties: Amethyst is actually a type of quartz, but with deep purple tips. Color  purpleis linked to royalty , and Amethyst has long been used to relieve hangovers and cure drunkenness. It also helps one connect to spirituality, and enhances psychic ability.

  • Rose Quartz

Zodiac sign: Suitable  for Libra and Taurus Signs
Properties: Rose Quartz is a opaque crystal is colored with a delicate pink hue, almost glowing from within. Well known as the “love stone,” it excels in fortifying relationships, dispelling negativity and creating a calm atmosphere.

  • Tiger Eye

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Capricorn Sign
Properties:  Deep amber, striated and naturally lustrous, Tiger Eye is a balancing, grounding stone that helps the barer maintain and grow their wealth, create awareness and understanding.

  • Iron Pyrite

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Leo Signs
Properties:  Nicknamed “fool’s gold.” But you’re no fool for keeping a chunk of Pyrite around; it wards off negative energy and physical danger.

  • Citrine

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo Signs
Properties: Citrine is our ultimate staff favorite crystal. This stone dispels negative energy, needs no cleansing, or recharged. Just like its lovely honey or amber color, it’s full of warm, optimistic energy.

  • Desert Rose

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Taurus Sign
Properties: Desert rose is a form of selenite. It brings mental clarity, insight and awareness to its owner, and in meditation.

  • Celestine (aka Celestite)

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Gemini Sign
Properties: Celestine is a calming, balancing crystal. It is a helpful communication aid, and helps them remember their dreams. It provides clarity to the mind and peace to the body.

  • Raw Emerald

Zodiac sign: Suitable for Taurus, Gemini and Aries Signs
 Emerald is the stone of “successful love.”  Promoting focus, eliminating negativity and promoting loyalty and sensitivity, this is a stone to carry day in and out.

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