Thamboola Prashanm

(Astrology Consulting available USA,UK,India,Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland and World Wide)

Thamboola in Sanskrit is a gift of betel leaves, to mark respect for the person who is being visited. A traditional method of discovering particulars about individual, whereabouts of a missing person, lost valuables and matters of uncertainty, evil/black magic problems. This is a part of Divine Astrology.
Details Required: Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Father’s Name and Questions.

Astrologer will answer 3 question asked by inquirer and 7days WhatsApp support is provided for any doubts that may arise.

Medium of communication : WhatsApp, Email, Phone Chat Viber & WeChat.

Consulting in English, Tamil & Hindi Language US $ 150
Consultation in any other Language(Translator Charge) US $ 50 (extra charge)
Consultation as Voice Clip in English Language US $ 50 (extra charge)
Consultation as Voice Clip in any other Language US $ 50 (extra charge)
Emergency Consultation within 24 hours at an (extra charge) of US $50

Consultation appointment available within 3 working days.