Temple Ticket:
Distant Prayers Made Closer Through Representative.

Now you can offer distant prayers to God without being physically present at any temple in India.

Our representatives will go to the temple of your choice to book prayers for you and will do all prayers on behalf of you in your absence and will send original appointment receipt to you with prasadam.

This service is offered for those who are away from home country on your birthday, on your marriage anniversary, on your kids birthday, on your wedding day, on any other special day and any day you wish to offer prayers.

(Example: If you need to offer prayers without you to any of the following temples in India Tirupati Temple, Kalahasti Temple, Palani Temple, Kasi Temple & Chottanikkara Temple we undertaketo offer the prayers without you. Temple charges plus our service charge is  applicable, we send you the original receipt through email to you.


Send your requirement we will contact you soon!

We will respond within 48hours of inquiry on any working day.


We are not Agents of Temple. We help you to offer prayers to the temple of your choice. Our representative will go to the relevant temple book prayers and perform the prayers on behalf of you. We hold no responsibility regarding the results of prayers. Only online payments are accepted for this package. Retain our receipt for any inquiries. After processing any order, upon you receiving all details within one week, any doubts have to be forwarded to us within 3 days only, any inquiries after 3 days period will not be entertained.