A Tantrik is a tantra system practitioner as known in India and Tibet. This branch of science is associated with the practices of the occult and mysterious traditions. The term Tantrik is derived from Sanskrit which means “weave”.
They help one to succeed in education or competitive examinations, succeed in work, attain name fame and promotions, improve relationships, attain wealth, be accepted by relations and family, attain high spiritual experience


Is someone who specializes in practicing Mantras, which are sacred chanting’s containing magical or mystical words. Mantrik’s chant mantras to please a God or an Evil Spirit for his benefit.


Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and meditation are vast subjects. Jyotish helps to understand the effects of an external Universe on your life on the other hand meditation brings you to the realization that the Universe is within you. Reading of Jyotish chart by a qualified astrologer can reveal a wealth of useful information, however few months of regular meditation practice can give you the tools to live the fullness of life. Meditation is a very effective technique that helps one deal with anxiety, stress and illness. However, not many people know that meditation can be empowered through elements of horoscope read by astrologer. Zodiac Signs with space as element benefit most from meditating in open space with a group. If your element is air, open a window allowing the breeze to flow in. Zodiac signs with Fire as an element would benefit by lighting a lamp or candle before meditation. Those connected with earth element would benefit most by meditating while sitting on the floor.