Problems with Bad Luck, Negative Energies or Mental Depression

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Signs of Bad Luck which we experience are a warning of difficulties to come, which may help us to be prepared.
If you notice these signs in dream form, physical changes such as sudden aggressiveness, black spots on skinrough cracked feet, dry skin, dandruff, excessive saliva these might serve as a warning to beware.

Likewise, positive and negative energies too affect our life. Everything in the world contains a Positive energy and a Negative energy. Although positive energy may not harm us, negative energy or bad vibes may affect not only our physical and mental state but the social and financial state too.
Presence of negative energy may be identified when there is unusual behavior among family members, pets and when plants kept inside the house dry up suddenly.
It is observed that 10 out of 9 people in the world suffering from depressions. Although depression exists within people it is difficult to diagnose this.
The negative effect of depression is that it slowly makes a person confined and isolated from the outer world.
Our Expert Astrologers can help you to mitigate bad luck, negative energies and depression.

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Vedic Horoscope is analyzed and cause for bad luck, negative energies and depression is informed and suitable remedies to be done by the inquirer are informed.

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