Delayed Progeny / (Delay in conceiving child after marriage)

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It is the utmost blessing for a married couple to be blessed with a child. A couple feels new life when they are gifted with a child. Birth of children is very important as they maintain continuity of society.
Often newly wedded couples dream of having a child may not be realized due to planetary ill effects.
It is believed a couples desire to have children can be realized through advanced medical science and with the assistance of blessings form Almighty Gods.
Those who seek divine intervention through astrological remedies may consult our experts who will be pleased to assist you in achieving success.

Details Required:

You and your partner’s Names, Dates of Birth, Times of Birth, Places of Birth. If Times of Birth not available send Photos of Face and Both Palms.
Vedic Horoscopes are analyzed and cause for delayed progeny is informed and suitable remedies to be followed by the inquirer are informed.

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