Kala Sarpa Dosha

What is the kala sarpa yoga? Solutions and Effects of Kala Sarpa Dosha     

What is the kalasarpa yoga or Dosha? According to vedic astrology kala sarpa dhosha is indicating some bad issues. kala sarpa yoga coming to  this  story,  Kala’ means death and Sarpa means snake and the name itself is good enough to scare people. It is said that the person born under Kala Sarpa Yoga lives a miserable life. In Astrology Rahu and Kethu is known as great serpent. … When all the planets including the Lagna is confined within Rahu and Kethu, it is known as Kala sarpa Dosha or Kala sarpa Yoga. Someone called kala sarpa dhosha as this type,   Kala means Time and Sarpa means serpent. Secondly and most importantly, I always mentioned that the birth chart should be analyzed in totality. Every horoscope has hundreds of good and bad yogas and all these yogas should be synthesized before drawing any conclusion. A single Rajayoga cannot make anybody king, similarly a kala sarpa yoga alone cannot create death like situation.”B.V.Raman says in vedic astrologer this information including kala sarpa yogaya “

“Kala-sarpa Yoga has its bright shades. It makes one industrious, hardworking, and aware of one’s own ability- despite mental restlessness. It raises the natives to top positions in their respective fields provided of course other Raja Yogas are present. Rahu-Kethu axis favors rise in mundane life while Kethu Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters. It is also found that Kala-sarpa Yoga natives get betrayed by trusted friends and even relatives. Suffering due to developments in life strengthens the mind and mellows one’s outlook. This is a blessing of Kala-sarpa Yoga.”

“It occurs to me that undue importance need not be given to Kala-sarpa Yoga. The view held by some astrologers that Kala-sarpa Yoga affects longevity and adversely affects the operation of other yogas favoring a rise in life, achievement, and accomplishment is not tenable. The overall assessment of the horoscope is important. No single yoga, including Kala-sarpa Yoga, is capable of marring or making a horoscope. In our view, Kala-sarpa Yoga plays an important role in mundane astrology and is not of much importance in individual charts.”       Kala sarpa yogaya have different kind of faces I mean kalasarpa yogaya have 12 categories, as this. It depend on placed rahu garhaya and Kethu garhaya 

 Anant Kala sarpa Yoga:

When rahu is in the first House and Kethu in the seventh house and the rest of the planets are left to this axis the Yoga which arises is the Anant Kala sarpa Yoga. This is also called as Vipareeta Kala sarpa Yoga opposite Kala sarpa yoga. Though this yoga has the power to give windfall gains to the native, it is bad for marital life. Generally natives with this yoga get married late in life or can have problems in marriage life. There could be problems to business or business partner as well. If the native becomes very hardworking and pay attention to personal development, then this yoga can actually create a lot of good results. Life will be full of struggle but with the power of self-effort, the native can go very high.

Kulik Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the second house and Kethu the eighth house Kulik Kala sarpa Yoga arises. This combination is bad for health. There could be diseases of the sexual nature or of the private parts. This is bad for financial prosperity too. The native is worried on account of an insecure financial standing. They may get into business problems and may face problems in accumulating money. The native may also misuse his interest in occult practices.

Vasuki Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the third house and Kethu the ninth house and the rest of the planets are located to the left of the Rahu Kethu axis this yoga is formed. The native may have to struggle a lot to stand on his own feet and get recognition and status in life. There could be sudden strokes of fortune or misfortune and sudden gains. The positive effects will come only if the overall chart is very strong and there are no malefic aspects on either 9th house or 9th lord.

Shankpaal Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the 4th house and Kethu the 10th and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. The native may have to face difficulties for domestic happiness, general happiness, comfort and conveyance. The native gets trouble relating to work, progeny, health and marriage. However this yoga also has the power of conferring high political success and windfall gains if Sun and 10th house are strong and are being accepted by benefits.

Padam Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the fifth house and Kethu the eleventh house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. The native struggles on account of children and education. The native may feel emotionally insecure due to lack of apparent love from others. There could be delay in getting children. The native should stay away from extra marital affairs as illegitimate children can destroy his/her life. There are also chances of being let down/betrayed by near and dear ones. The native must try to develop a balanced outlook in life.

Mahapadam Kala sarpa Yoga:

This yoga is formed when Rahu is in the 6th house and Kethu is in the twelfth house and rest of the planets fall in between. The native has secret enemies and has problems in relation to one’s occupation. The native may develop a negative tendency to play with the law of the land and may get into serious troubles on account of this tendency. However if this yoga acts beneficially it has the power to confer power and political success.

Takshak Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu is in the seventh house and Kethu in the first house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. There may be difficulties regarding health, love affairs, progeny and marriage. There will be a lot of struggle in life and success will come only after a lot of hard work and difficulties. This is also not a good position for business partnerships as well as relations with opposite s-x. The native must focus on his people skills if this yoga is present.

Karkotak Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the eighth house and Kethu the second house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. The native is short tempered and has many enemies. There may be dirty habits like smoking, drinking and use of abusive language. This could also be the result of bad company the native like to keep. There could be health problems and lack of harmony. There is also danger of getting into sudden accidents.

Shankachood Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the ninth house and Kethu is in the 3rd house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. Natives who have this yoga in the chart go through many ups and downs in life. The progress in life takes a very bumpy road. Luck may elude the native. Relations with father and siblings may also be strained. Native should stay away from the activities which may earn him bad name in the society.

Ghatak Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu is in tenth house and Ketu in the fourth house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. There could be problems related to one’s profession. There could be sudden ups and downs in one’s profession. The native must stay away from getting in to trouble with seniors at work. There could be general unhappiness in native’s life. It could be due to problems at work, debt or some bad habits.

Vishdhar Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the eleventh house and Kethu the fifth house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. The native must stay away from gambling and other forms of speculations. Problems may also arise from progeny and education. The native must stay away from egoistical attitude as that may mar his chances of good name in the society.

Sheshnag Kala sarpa Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the twelfth house and Kethu the 6th house and rest of the planets fall in between this yoga is formed. The native may become very selfish and may also get into troubles with authorities because of this. The native may have problems relating to litigation. This yoga may also give bad health. However this yoga takes the native to a far off place for settlement.

No need to be scare kalasarpa yoga. The general belief is that Kala sarpa Yoga is capable of spoiling all other good yoga in the Horoscope and it always give evil result. In interpreting the Kalasarpa Dosha we must see the houses involved and the planets involved. In each case result will be different. While predicting the Results we need to consider all the influences present in the chart. Only seeing the Presence of this yoga if we predict anything it will be a big mistake. For example, if the Kala sarpa Dosha is present in 1-7 axis, it is capable of destroying marital happiness. But If the 7th Lord and Venus is well placed, such situation can be avoided. So, while predicting we need to consider all the factors.

It also has bright side as well. It makes a person hard working, Practical and it can take a person to a great height provided there is other supporting factors. People with this yoga is not only interested in Materialistic gain but they are also inclined towards spirituality and will have a philanthropic nature. So we must come to any conclusion only after a thorough examination of the horoscope.   With applying below reminds we can reduces kalasarpa dhosha. It’s possible to avoid its bad effects.  There are Lot of Remedies mentioned in Books regarding this Yoga. But i am giving here only some of the most effective Remedies for this. There are some Temple where the Nivaran Puja for kala Sarpa DOshas are done. This is the best remedy. Kalasarpa Dosha Nivaran Puja at SriKalahasti mandir, Rameswaram, Thirunageswaram is very effective. KalRudra Yagya is also performed in these temple for this Dosha. You can also perform Rudra Avisek of Shiva in any Shiva Temple for this. This is other solution to kala sarpa dhosha .   Plant a Tulsi in the house.

Read Sarpa Sukta every day.

Kala sarpa Yoga can be pacified at Kala Hasti Shiva temple near Tirupati as well.4. The same can be done at sangam in Allahabad, Trayambakeshwar near Nasik and at Kedarnath as well.

Chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ every day.

Do Nag Panchami vritta and wear a ring with snake enshrined over it.

Establish Kala sarpa Yoga Yantra and worship it every day. Put peacock wings in your home and shop.

Donate fresh Radish. Put coal pieces in a flowing water/river.

Do Mahamrityunjaya Jap for 1 lakh and 25 thousand times. Also do Rahu-Kethu jap either yourself or seek the help of a priest.

Put coconut, lentil in flowing water.

Offer Barley seeds to birds.

Do shradhdha of forefathers properly during pitar paksha.

Offer prayers to your family deity every day.  

Duration of Kala Sarpa Dosha or Yoga:

Rahu in 1st house: up to 27 years of age.

Rahu in 2nd house: up to 33 years of age.

Rahu in 3rd house: up to 36 years of age.

Rahu in 4th house: up to 42 years of age.

Rahu in 5th house: up to 48 years of age.

Rahu in 6th house: up to 54 years of age.   

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