Marriage Disputes /(Problems between Husband and Wife)

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It is said that the “Wife is cute when she is mute and the Husband is good when he gives money” but often this belief is not realistic.
A marital knot brings together not only two individuals, it brings together two different personalities who are bound to live under a common roof.
In addition to mutual love, understanding some mismatch too cannot be un-avoided.
Astrology would reveal some key reasons for marriage disputes. Our expert panel of Astrologers are at your service to help you find out what should or should not be done when there are problems between husband and wife.

Details Required:

You and your partner’s Names, Dates of Birth, Times of Birth, Places of Birth. If Times of Birth not available send Photos of Face and Both Palms.
Vedic Horoscopes are analyzed and cause for marriage dispute is informed and suitable remedies to be followed by the inquirer are informed.

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