Ganapathi Homam & Prayers 108 types of Homam’s & Prayers

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It is believed by Hindu Devotees that, Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Lord who removes obstacles from one’s plan or a venture in life.

Ganapathi Homam is a ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha, performed to seek his blessings and achieve success before the start of any task. Devotees believe that the grace of Lord Ganesha can remove obstacles in life and fulfill any task.

Those seeking success at the start of any business, work life, student life, marriage, housewarming, naming ceremonies (Naamkaran) & those affected by Kethu Dosah who wish to remove the malefic effects of the dosha can perform Ganapathi Homams and Prayers.

Lord Ganapathi is important for his Siddhi (success), Buddhi (wisdom and intelligence) and Riddhi (prosperity). He is the first Lord that the devotees honour among all God’s, and is known as the God or Patron of Arts and Sciences.

It is believed that performance of Ganapathi Homam, can rid of all the obstacles and problems that he or she might encounter in life, can grants wealth and solves wealth related issues in a devotee’s life, enlightens the spiritual mind and makes one conscious of the higher realms of existence, to achieve achieve prosperity, health and a happy domestic life, win over mortal enemies and for good health from ailments such as anxiety, depression and injuries during accidents

Ganapathy Mantra:

(Note: Chant the Mantras with a clear mind and conscience, with full faith and concentration.

Before chanting the Ganpati Mantra cleanse yourself, take a bath, and wash your face and hands.

Always complete 108 chants on the rosary beads. Always sit in the North or East direction when chanting these prayers. Sit on a rug – use thermal or insulated rug that will not let the positive energy escape into the ground. The rosary you use should be made of crystal, rudraksh or wooden beads.)

Ganapathy Homam:

Lord Ganapathi is important for his Siddhi (success), Buddhi (wisdom and intelligence) and Riddhi (prosperity). He is the first Lord that the devotees honour among all God’s hence is named “Adibhagawan” ( meaning first god). 

Ganapathi Homam is a ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha, performed to seek his blessings and achieve success before the start of any task. Devotees believe that the grace of Lord Ganesha can remove obstacles in life and fulfill any task. 

Who should perform Ganapathy Homam are;

GanapathyHomam bestows peace, prosperity, wealth, health, education, knowledge and wisdom to the performer. Thus, those who seek any benefit above may request to conduct ganapathy homam.

According to Vedic scriptures, Ganapathy Homam is a powerful one which helps all persons live a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

The benefits of performing Ganapathy Homam are;

*           It removes the karmic issues and doshas of a person to live a better life.

*           It helps in overcoming the malefic effects of planets in one’s horoscope.

*           Helps one to attain success in all endeavors, achieve spiritual knowledge & wisdom with this homam.

*           It can reduce sins in life, sorrow and mental disturbances to a larger extent.

*           It can help a person to get rid from all types of difficulties and to live a trouble free life.

The days of Sankatahara Chaturthi of every month and Vinayaka Chaturthi are considered very auspicious for performing Ganapathy Homam.

Nearly 08 offerings are required to perform the ritual and obtain desired happiness and prosperity.

There are 54 Ganesha Homams, we www.astrologerglobal offer all forms of Ganapathy Homams. Our astrologers/priests are dedicated to serve you and we offer high quality Ganapathy Homam performance service to individuals and corporate clients.

Method of Performance of Ganapathy Homam:

Homam is an age-old custom in which the Lord of Fire or Agni is invoked in order to seek his blessings, offerings are made into the fire to appease the Gods by throwing all the material ingredients like clarified butter, grains, water, milk and other perfumed items people can live comfortably without any anxiety.

This ritual has passed over to posterity by Vedic priests and gurus who lived some 5000 years ago.

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