Embark On Ganapati Homam Before Any New Life Journey!!!

ganpati hoham

Lord Ganesha is known to be the harbinger of good health and prosperity in man and woman no wonder statues of lord Ganesha are worshiped and immersed in the sea and other river bodies. If you worship Lord Ganesha regularly, then you would clear all obstacles that come in your way to success. If you prepare for the danger, then the danger is affected. Astrology and puja rituals like Ganpathi homam help in ensuring the success of every venture that you undertake in order to get ahead in life and secure your future.

Steps to perform the pooja:

  • Ignite a fire within the hawan kund with a camphor and that signals the start of the Agni Prathistapana.
  • In the next step, the priest lays down the offerings to the god and chants several Ganpathi mantras in front of the Kund.
  • This ushers the dipaalaka pooja and the beginning of the Panchapachara pooja.
  • Udavasana begins after the start of these rituals.

You need just the basics

All what you already have like karpoor, Kumkum, Chandan, haldi, flowers, theertha vessel, spoons, vessels for Ashtadravya. You need to create a kund either through bricks, cement or mud that can be dismantled later.

The offerings include coconut, banana, honey, sugarcane, ghee, modaka, jaggery and puffed rice.

Lord Ganesha is treated as the Vighnaharta or the one that can remove all obstacles in life by those who pray regularly. You need to be a believer to get ahead in life as astrology, spirituality and mythology will be useful assets in your arsenal and can really help you to get ahead of others. Most married people prefer to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha before they embark on any venture.

People specifically affected by the Ketu Dosha will benefit more from Ganapathi homam and all malefic effects of dosha can be removed. The elephant faced god being the patron of arts and sciences also offers thought leadership to his devotees. When you do not know which way to take, the lord will help you see the light of the day and help in getting success, prosperity, wisdom and intelligence.

Hindu Prayers And Why Are They So Important?

Hinduism being the most liberal religion in the world hardly demands anything from its devotees. You can junk the existence of all religions, gods and still call yourself a proud Hindu. These consist of hymns being chanted on Griha Pravesh and Naamkaran. Most people suffer from health and wealth-related issues all throughout their lives and they can really make it big in life if they adopt Hindu prayers and meditation as part of their lives.Following the steps outlined above, you too can get salvation and can get ahead in life by following the advice given above.

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