Problems in Litigation / (Court Cases)

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No person would engage in litigation happily. Court cases often cause heavy depression to the litigant and their families. Due to bad planetary conditions in horoscope people are compelled to engage in litigation.
Persons involved in litigation may suffer traumatic events, loss of reputation, loss of family, financial loss, loss of property, loss of business, imprisonment and wasteful expenditure etc.,
To put an end to most of your burning litigation related problems, remedies such as poojas, yantra sadhana and gemstones can be utilized.
Consult our expert astrologers who can assist you in reacing the desired results in litigation.

Details Required:

Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth. If Time of Birth not available send Photos of Face and Both Palms.
Vedic Horoscope is analyzed and cause for involvement in litigation is informed and suitable remedies to be done by the inquirer are informed.

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