Astrological Predictions for Year 2019 for Different Zodiac Signs

We are now entering the New Year 2019. While we welcome the New Year, we will now see in which zodiac signs the Nine Planets (Navagraha) are residing based on Vedic Astrology.

The Vedic New Year 2019 begins in Libra Moon Sign.

As per Hindu calendar, New Year falls on Dhanu 26, Monday,

The following are the planets positions in the various zodiac signs on New Year Day.

  • Libra
    Moon & Venus
  • Scorpio
    Jupiter & Mercury
  • Sagittarius Sun & Saturn
  • Capricorn


  • Pisces


  • Cancer
    Rahu & Maandi

Now we see the effect of Planets on the following country.

USA – Country’s financial state would be average. Prediction of natural disasters before August 2019. The President would be praised for his achievement.
(Country Predictions Score based on astrological view: 75/100)

This Vedic Astrological prediction is moon based. If you do not know your moon sign, not to worry, please log into our website, and you can click on to the “Free Horoscope check” link. From there you can find out your moon sign/ Rashi and then you can follow this video to find your concerned rashi prediction for the year 2019. Your lifetime astrologer.

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